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Full Arch

Bespoke digitally crafted solutions for full arch restorations

We provide you a complete digital, genuine CAD/CAM restoration. Working with our team of local technicians, clinicians and MIS consultants, the treatment of edentulous or partly-edentulous patients has never been easier. The value you will receive from our expertise and support is unrivalled. Take advantages of our experts to uncover the best solution to suit your full arch cases.

Completely digital, guided workflow, atraumatic, predictable rehabilitation

Through the use of digital scanning and CBCTs, our guided surgery experts work with you to determine the ideal implant placement plan. The MGUIDE is then prepared and 3D printed for surgery. Our local support team will be ready to assist along the way from planning to chairside.

The surgery can be done flapless with the use of a tissue punch, which is far less traumatic for your patient compared to the traditional All-On-4 method. In the same day your patient can have a new set of teeth.


Implant Denturefull arch
MLAB Full Arch Implant Restoration
  • Fixed overdentures
  • Removable overdentures
  • Hybrid fixed overdenture (includes a custom milled titanium implant bar)
  • Hybrid removable denture (includes a custom milled titanium implant bar)