M4 Surgical Kit


M4 Surgical Kit

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The M4 Surgical Kit contains the complete range of drills and tools required for a full implant placement procedure. The kit features a convenient tool layout and protective cover with an easy-opening mechanism for quicker access.

The M4 Advanced Surgical Kit includes the following tools:

MT-SMD10  Spade marking drill
MT-TDN19 Marking drill
MT-P2416 Pilot drill, height 16mm
MT-TDN28 Twist drill Ø2.8mm
MT-TDN32 Twist drill Ø3.2mm
MT-TDN38 Twist drill Ø3.8mm
MT-TDN45  Twist drill Ø4.5mm
MT-TDN50 Twist drill Ø5.0mm
MT-TDN55 Twist drill Ø5.5mm
MT-DE001 Drill extender
MT-LM005  Long motor adapter for 0.05 inch hex
MT-HSI10 Short insertion tool
MT-HLI10  Long insertion tool
MT-CSN33 Countersink, narrow platform Ø3.3mm
MT-GDN33 Countersink, standard platform Ø3.75/4.2mm
MT-GDN50 Countersink, wide platform Ø5/6mm
MT-PP240  Parallel pin
MT-RI030 Monoblock ratchet
MT-LRH20 Long insertion tool
MT-SRH20 Short insertion tool
MT-RMR10 Long direct hand and ratchet key
MT-RDL30 Long driver for 0.05 inch hex