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PIEZON® Handpieces

Original Piezon Universal HP Grey, 3 pins, compatibility: BiK, mP, mM, PM400, Kermit, AFS2 EN-041
Original Piezon HP White, 4 pins, blue o-ring, metal nose, compatibility: NO PAIN BiK, mM led, PM700, AFMP, P250, P150 EN-061
Original Piezon Universal light HP Grey, fiber optic, compatibility: light BiK EN-034/A


The PIEZON handpiece product range brings our customers unparalleled ultrasonic quality, new levels of dexterity, speeds in oscillation that are redefining industry standards and more; all with a minimal-invasive capability. At the heart of this market leading performance is a state-of-the-art piezoceramic disc technology which, when coupled with the innovative PIEZON NO-PAIN module, means that all PIEZON handpieces can deliver unsurpassed levels of precision and linear oscillation.
The ergonomic design with a pen-style grip is a key factor in the advanced capabilities of the PIEZON handpiece. Benefit from greater maneuverability and superior access thanks to its lightweight body and slender nose-tip. Developed around the concepts of conservative treatment and maximum patient comfort, the Swiss Made PIEZON Instruments are made out of exclusive surgical-grade stainless steel with jewel-grade polishing.