BVital Stasis

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Each box comes with 20 individually blister packed sterile pads. Each 4-layer gauze pad is 19 x 19 mm. 



Save chair time

Reduce post-op bleeding

Accelerate healing


Soluble Haemostatic Dental Gauze

BVital Stasis is a soluble haemostatic gauze that can quickly absorb water from blood and wound surfaces to form viscous gel. It is effective in immediate haemostasis, protecting wound sites and accelerating healing for trauma and dental extractions. It stabilises the blood clot, fills wound voids and seals capillary ends, which helps stop bleeding.



Why You Should Always Dress a Socket

Wound dressings are the standard of care for most surgeries. Dental extractions are an odd exception where it is considered normal to leave a patient with an open wound that extends into their bone. This practice seems to have a historical basis, driven by practicality and costs for dentists. This is no longer the case now though.

BVital Stasis is a practical and economical solution for post-extraction haemostasis in every case where immediate grafting/ preservation isn’t indicated. Incorporating this as part of your standard protocol will speed up primary haemostasis, reducing the amount of time your patient has to wait in the chair after the procedure. Having a stable blood clot will reduce the incidence of post-operative complications, reducing stressful and unnecessary post-op appointments.