MGUIDE® is the industry’s most advanced, yet simple solution for guided surgery. The 3D printed template is designed to enhance accuracy, with an open-frame for maximum visibility, irrigation and accessibility from all angles without the need for removal.

MGUIDE® is a keyless system, designed for single handed procedures, eliminating the need for unnecessary tools. Raised flap surgery may also be more easily performed.

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The Leading 3D Implant Planning System

The open-frame design of the MGUIDE® template allows an open field of view during surgery, where irrigation and anesthesia are accessible from all angles without removing the template. With a fully customized MGUIDE® design, a raised-flap procedure may be performed.

The template is constructed from a strong, durable, and biocompatible material. The 3D CAD/CAM design ensures the highest level of accuracy. The lightweight template design is an added benefit for patient comfort as well.



Full access to clinical & chairside support saving hours of your time & giving you the team for the best solutions

World leading accuracy in software & 3D printing

Only open design guide for better fit, line of sight & irrigation

Completely guided protocol with customised kit for a simpler, faster, less traumatic & more accurate procedure

Restoratively driven planning process with ability to deliver guide and temporary restoration in the same appointment



The Process

Precise virtual digital planning

3D printed template production

Completed guided kit

Minimally invasive keyhole implant surgery

Beautiful, predictable and permanent tooth replacement

The Life Changing Solutions


Digitally plan together with our team of radiographers, dentists and specialists for the best, most predictable outcomes.

The Patients

Your patient is provided atraumatic, efficient keyhole surgery and gets the desired and digitally communicated end solution.

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