Computer assisted local anaesthesia

Offers your patients a gentle and pain-free injection - and yourself a relaxed and better working position!

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Pain-free injection

CALAJECT™ helps you deliver pain-free injections. The system controls the flow rate, which ensures a smooth and gentle flow of anaesthesia. Even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient. The light pen grip provides a relaxed working position and good finger support shows where the needle can be kept perfectly still in situ.

Recent study:  "The effectiveness and ergonomic properties of Calaject in pediatric dentistry"

Calaject study published in the Quintessenz Journals

Read Canadian article: "A clinician's perspective on the calaject computer controlled local anesthetic device"

Brochure - Shortcut to pain free injections

What dentists are saying about Calaject


    One touch control for all types of anaesthesia


    Program 1: Intraligamental

    Program 1: Palatal

    Program 2: Infiltration

    Program 3: Regional nerve block

    For You

    Optimising your injection technique

    The pen-grip increases tactility and allows you to sit in a relaxed and ergonomical position while injecting. You use no finger power and avoid strain on muscles and joints. The possibility of good finger support allows the needle to be kept perfectly still in situ during the injection.

    Simple to use

    One instrument for all local anaesthesia. The system has program settings for intraligamental injections (PDLA), infiltrations and regional nerve blocks. The controlled flow of the analgetic solution in all three programms makes it easy for you to deliver pain-free treatment - even palatally.

    Cost effective

    Requires no additional, expensive consumables. Used with standard dental needles and cartridges.

    Positive signal value

    Sends a powerful message to your patients that your clinic is investing in the latest technology in order to offer them the optimal and the most gentle treatment.

    For Your Patients

    Pain-free injection

    Injections can be carried out without the patient feeling discomfort or pain - even palatal injections.

    Relaxed patient

    Patients, who learn that it does not hurt to be anaesthetised, are relaxed and confident when they sit down in the chair at the dentist - a great advantage to both patient and dentist.

    Patient's recommendation

    A confident patient is of great marketing value. And the value of recommendations from a satisfied patient can never be underestimated.

    Confidence building

    A survey* confirms that: ”A dentist who can provide pain-free anaesthesia” is the most important criterion for a patient when choosing a dentist.


    Control unit

    • Touch screen - easy and simple to operate.
    • Display of actual injection pressure - including automatic switch-off in case of excessive resistance in the tissue.
    • Acoustic signal indicating actual flow rate.
    • Operated by a separate foot controller included in the package - or by the foot controller of your dental unit.

    Handpiece and stand

    • Vibration free and tactile hand piece.
    • Visual contact with the cartridge during the entire injection.
    • Automatic aspiration when pressure on the foot control is eased.
    • Used with standard dental needles and cartridges.


    Dr Jan Thomsen


    "Computer assisted injection has an incomparable ergonomic advantage over manual injection, as you do not need to bend your wrist and press the plunger simultaneously. Calaject™ gives me some extra benefits; among others the hand piece is sturdy and well balanced which makes it easy to control. Moreover Calaject™ is connected to my unit's foot controller - that works perfectly well."


    Dr Tina Løbner


    “CALAJECT is amazing! It has clear advantages over the device I used to work with. It allows me to carry out all types of local analgesia. I avoid waste of anesthetic solution and costs of disposable hose sets. I only need the standard needles and cartridges, I use for manual injections. Additionally, it is easy to operate and to clean.


    anders boel

    Dr Anders Boel


    ”I provide more patient friendly injections today, than I did when I injected manually. In nine cases out of ten I only need to do intraligamental injection or infiltration, which means less analgetic solution per patient. From the pressure control I receive very good feedback, that tells me if I have placed the needle right - that the solution is not just leaking back.”


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