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Periotest M

The world’s best selling instrument for measuring osseointegration and health of natural teeth. The Periotest M is a measuring device for use in dental practices and is designed for the following range of applications:

  • Implants
    Assessment of the osseointegration of dental implants.
  • Natural teeth
    Diagnosis and assessment of periodontopathies, assessment of the occlusal load and control of the treatment’s progress.


Periotest M

Why Periotest M?

Efficient, simple and objective

Periotest is a wireless hand–held device that provides an objective value assessment of implant osseointegration and natural tooth health.

Versatile & Cost Effective

Periotest can be used to test the majority of implant systems without any extra costs of add–ons. The testing tip is autoclavable.

Astute Investment

Prevent the undesirable and costly implications of premature implant loading. Investment in Periotest will be returned by the prevention of a failed implant case.


Multiple Applications

Periotest can be used at all stages of implant treatment as well as for ongoing case maintenance and natural teeth. Periotest assists in diagnosis of perio and measures occlusal load.

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