Shofu Block

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Shofu Block

All ceramic? All good.

Choose remarkable, lasting aesthetics for your restorations. Single visit dentistry is simple with MoreDent.


Our Shofu block range is compatible with all major milling systems including Mchairside® and CEREC®

The new generation of CAD / CAM restorative, SHOFU HC Hybrid Ceramic comes with exceptionally natural aesthetics, superior mechanical properties, faster milling and efficient polishing to a natural luster.


Created through a rigorous manufacturing process, SHOFU BLOCK HC exhibit superior features and consistent quality.
– Life-like Aesthetics with natural opalescence
– Excellent polishability for lasting aesthetics
– Remarkable stain resistance
– Exceptional wear resistance
– Greater flexural strength and shock absorbing ability


5 pieces per box

Shade range

LT – Low Translucency
Designed to match VITA Classical shades with lower translucency to suit cases of posterior crowns
HT – High Translucency
Designed with higher translucency to suit cases of inlays and anterior crowns
Designed to replace the enamel layer, 59 (incisal) and OC (occlusal)

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Creating Life-like HC Restorations

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