Frequently Asked Questions



Am I suitable candidate for REPLACEDENT® implant treatment?

If you have teeth missing or failing or wear a denture, the REPLACEDENT® implant treatment has the potential to significantly enhance your quality of life and smile. An initial consultation with your dentist will assist in assessing the suitable treatment for you.



Is the procedure covered by my health insurance?

Depending on the level of cover of your health insurance, a component of the cost may be covered by your health insurance.



How will my dentist assess my suitability?

Your dentist will arrange a 3 dimensional diagnostic scan of your mouth to assess your suitability.



What is the success rate of the treatment?

Dental implants are placed in millions of patients annually with a cumulative success rate over 30 years of over 95%, making it one of the most successful treatments you can undertake.



What ongoing maintenance is involved in caring for my dental implants?

Your doctor will develop a plan together with you to care for your dental implants. Just like caring for your natural teeth, dental implants require you to maintain excellent oral hygiene and to have regular check-ups.