CS 3800 - Carestream Dental


CS 3800

A wireless intraoral scanner with high-performance experience

The CS 3800 offers dental practitioners a whole new experience in acquiring impressions: freedom. Freedom from cables, freedom to pursue their preferred workflow, freedom to pay only for what they use, and freedom to interact with their partners, how they prefer, when they prefer. And, as the result of a renewed collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the CS 3800 displays a timeless, ergonomic design that ensures a high-performance scanning experience.

Powered by CS ScanFlow

CS ScanFlow software is the acquisition software paired with the CS 3800. Free yourself from imposed procedures: there is no need to choose a workflow when starting to scan – simply grab the handpiece and scan, then decide later which indication to apply to the data set. A four-step process keeps you on track from beginning to end.

Benefits at a glance


High-performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility and seamless user experience

One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners of the market

Faster and smoother scanning thanks to a larger and broader field of view and a deeper field of view

Full control of intraoral capabilities right on the handpiece

Ergonomic design by Studio F. A. Porsche

at your fingertips

A renewed feat with Studio F. A. Porsche

The CS 3800 intraoral scanner is the result of an ongoing collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche*

This time, the design firm moved towards the idea of designing the scanner with optimal comfort based on the morphology of the human hand combined with fluid and organic lines. The handpiece is thus refined to fit naturally in the palm of the hand, no matter the grip.

    Dedicated WiFi ensures continuous and efficient scanning

    The CS 3800 uses dedicated point-to-point WiFi access that instantly receives data transferred from the handpiece to the computer. It’s as easy as plugging in a WiFi dongle. Once connected, it’s immediately ready to receive a signal from the handpiece: the pairing maintains a robust and stable transmission band for a continuous and efficient scanning procedure.


      Unprecedented usability

      Weighing only 240g in use (battery and tip), the CS 3800 is 20% lighter than the CS 3700. It’s also one of the most compact intraoral scanners on the market.

      Off-road scanning for any indication

      With an impressive 16x14mm field-of-view (FOV) and enhanced depth-of-field of 21 mm, the CS 3800 intraoral scanner can capture all the details you need.

      Smooth and fast scanning experience

      The enhanced capture speed of the CS 3800’s ensures a comfortable scanning experience for practitioners as well as patients.

      Gesture motion control

      The digital model rotates as the handpiece moves, so there’s no need to use the mouse to put the scan in the appropriate position.

      The right tip for the right task
      Tips come in three sizes for optimal ergonomics and more flexible choices. Now autoclavable up to 110 times*.

      lsInexhaustible stamina

      With three ways to charge your intraoral scanner, you will never run out of power with the CS 3800. Use the docking station, backup cord or extra battery set (optional).

      Embedded guidance

      Step-by-step tutorials and training materials are embedded in CS ScanFlow for all clinical procedures.

      Endentulous scanning made easy

      The new edentulous scan mode* ensures a smooth capture of the full arch and a sophisticated algorithm helps the practitioner automatically combine soft tissue in-vivo scans with impression scans.

      Export with ease

      Export or transfer your files immediately after processing – with no need to exit the software – by simply clicking on your preferred partner’s logo.

      Mark the limits

      Identify margin lines automatically and adjust as needed during the acquisition process.

      Keep record of everything

      The full scanning process can be recorded into a MP4 file* and shared with team members and referrals via email.

      The best of both worlds

      Merge digital scans with a conventional impression scan.

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