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CS 3600

Enter the next era of intraoral scanning with the CS 3600 intraoral scanner and CS ScanFlow software. Proven accuracy. Open files. Unlimited workflow capacity. Expanded processing options. One-click export. Touchscreen capabilities. With a new, completely open workflow and advanced features, the possibilities are endless.

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Discover a smarter way to scan


HD 3D Digital Impressions

Stunning HD 3D Digital Impressions

You can find a solution that meets your exact clinical needs for fast, easy and accurate digital imaging.


Choose the Tip that Suits Your Needs

The CS 3600 tips also offer the shortest height of any autoclavable tips in the market, making it comfortable for even the smallest mouths.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Smart Features for Smarter Scanning

Work more efficiently thanks to the simple user interface, which minimizes the number of clicks and helps to reduce the amount of training needed. Powerful features and smart tools like the Scan history check, online soft tissue removal and 3D margin line tool help you refine the scan as needed.

Clinically Tested.
Statistically Superior.

Accuracy is the combination of two important and complementary elements: trueness and precision. Trueness refers to whether a measurement matches the actual quantity being measured, while precision indicates the ability of that measurement to be consistently repeated.

According to “Accuracy of Four Intraoral Scanners in Oral Implantology: A Comparative In-Vitro Study”, the CS 3600 surpassed leading competitors by delivering the best performance in terms of overall trueness.


Not only did the CS 3600 have the best trueness results, it was also “significantly better” than the three other intraoral scanners. Because the “CS 3600 gave the best trueness results,” the study recommends its use in “similar clinical settings.”

The final takeaway gleaned from the study was that “no statistically significant differences were found in the precision among the four different IOS (intraoral scanners).”

1Imburgia et al. BMC Oral Health (2017) 17:92 DOI 10.1186/s12903-017-0383-4

Infinite combinations.
Unending potential. 

Our scanning process is straightforward and intuitive. Getting started is as easy as opening the software and beginning your scan. Once your base scan is complete, you can pursue any workflow. You can also switch to different clinical indications or treatments. A simple four-step process keeps you on track, guiding you from beginning to end.


    An award-winning solution

    The CS 3600 has been recognized by Clinicians Report, Dentistry Today, Dental Product Shopper, Dental Compare, and is the winner of a Yahoo Sports Technology and Bronze Edison Award.

    Get in touch with your scanning

    A simplified user interface specifically designed for touch screen navigation allows you to enjoy more direct and intuitive interaction with the software.

    Pursue the workflow that works for you

    Once you have a base scan, you can pursue any workflow you desire, allowing you to switch to different clinical indications or treatments on your patient.

    Receive notifications of potential issues

    The Status feature rates the overall quality of the impression and bite capture and provides you with warnings for missing data.

    Select the refinement mode you prefer
    Low, Standard, and High-Resolution data processing options allow you to select the ideal resolution based on your personal preferences and clinical needs.

    Build a base for your models

    This time-saving option eliminates the need to export the model to a third-party software program, allowing you to add a base directly from CS ScanFlow and immediately export the dataset for printing.

    Export or transfer files with ease

    Save, export or send* datasets directly from the acquisition software. You can also send datasets directly to integrated third parties.

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