3D Implant Planning


Generationally Ahead

From planning to 3D modeling, uniquely designed and patient specific surgical templates, and on through same day provisional restoration, MoreDent is truly offering the patient a Full Smile Solution with its "one-stop-shop" for digitally guided surgery.





digital planning

Digital Planning

Post clinician submitted CBCT DICOM files and patient impressions, our lab technicians use the MGUIDE Software to create a highly accurate preliminary implant placement plan.

MLAB connects and shares the MGUIDE planning process with the clinician. Our guided surgery unit along with our local team of technicians, clinicians and MIS consultants are ready to assist in every way, and every step of the way.

A precision-guided surgical template is designed right in the software.



3D Printed Template

Once the template has been approved by the clinician, it is then constructed from a strong, durable, biocompatible material using the latest 3D printing technology.

The 3D CAD/CAM design ensures the highest level of accuracy.

Guided Surgical Kit

The MGUIDE surgical kits simplify the implantation process by eliminating the need for traditional guidance keys. Specially designed sleeves and drills stop at the precise position and depth planned, freeing-up hands and saving valuable time.

  • All the tools you need in one surgical set.
  • Keyless system for a quicker, easier procedure.
  • Optimal drill lengths for use in posterior areas.
  • Ability to change implant length and diameter during surgery due to anatomical considerations.
  • Special drill designed for bone harvesting.
  • Colour-coded layout for easy identification of drill parameters.
  • Special guidelines for hard or soft bone procedures.
  • Built-in stoppers and laser marks on drills.
  • Drills allow irrigation to penetrate through sleeve during drilling.
  • Drill measuring gauge.




MLAB can provide immediate temporary custom abutments as well as screw retained crowns and bridges from PMMA. Additionally, permanent restorative solutions are available in multi-layered Zirconia.