Mchairside Financial Calculator

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Mchairside Financial Calculator

Mchairside Cashflow and Profit Calculator

See how much you can save and comparison of your cashflow

What do you bill per crown?


How many crowns do you do per week?


What is the lab fee per crown?


Mchairside purchase price


Loan term (years)


Interest rate %


Months of further impact from COVID-19 (assuming zero revenue)


Are you taxed at the corporate or individual rate?  

Cashflow Comparison

for the first 12 months

Cashflow with Mchairside
Cashflow with traditional method

Cumulative Annual Profit Comparison

for 7 years

Cumulative profit with Mchairside
Cumulative profit with traditional method

Indicative and for illustration purposes only. This is not to be taken as financial and tax advice and you should seek advice in relation to these matters.