MoreDent is guaranteed to provide quality, consistent results through our digital workflow. Once the patient impression has been captured, data can quickly and easily be transferred to MoreDent Mcentre – we support all leading intraoral scanners. Using your scan along with our best in-class CAD/CAM technology and machinery, our local team is enabled to create solutions with greater accuracy.



How to share scan data



  1. In your CS imaging software, choose the file you wish to upload and select CS Connect
  2. Log-in to your CS Connect account (note: if you are already logged in, files will upload automatically)
  3. From the drop down menu, select MOREDENT. If you have not previously connected with us, select Create a New Partner and send request to
  4. Fill out the web form or comments and select the submit icon
  5. The files will be transferred – do not turn off the computer until the files are confirmed to have been transferred
  6. When our lab downloads the files, the status will change to Consulted
3Shape TRIOS

  1. Log-in or create an account
  2. Select the Connections tab at the top of the page
  3. Select Add Connection
  4. Type in MoreDent and hit Find
  5. Select MoreDent to add
  6. Accept the Data Confidentiality Agreement and select Connect
  7. Under Connected Sites, MoreDent will show up as “Active” once the connection has been approved
  8. Your Trios scanner will now be connected to MoreDent

  1. Log-in ( or create an account
  2. Load the scan into the connect software
  3. Upload the case to the portal
  4. Select "MCentre (" as your choice laboratory and forward the digital impression to us.
  5. Upon receiving we will confirm the case has been accepted


Medit Link

  • Log-in Medit Link 
  • Go to Partners on the left menu. You can search our lab by using this email address:
  • Locate the lab, and click the Request Partnership button. Check the partner's terms & conditions, and click the Confirm button.
  • You will see that the lab has been added to the Partners > My Partner List with the status reflected as Partnership Pending.
  • Go to Case Box and select the case to place an order for.
  • Select our lab every time you place a order, click here to see more information.