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4MATRIX+ is a revolutionary and innovative synthetic, bone graft putty. It is composed of 40% Beta Tricalcium Phosphate (ßTCP), 60% Hydroxyapatite (HA) & Hydrogel, and was developed to simplify dental bone grafting procedures. 4MATRIX+ provides high mechanical resistance, osseous rehabilitation & is fully replaced by vital, architectured bone.

Cat. No. Description
BS-4MXP5 4MATRIX+ bone graft putty 0.5cc
BS-4MXP1 4MATRIX+ bone graft putty 1cc

4MATRIX+ Bone SubstituteApplications

- Periodontal/infrabony defects
- Ridge augmentation
- Extraction sites
- Sinus lifts
- Cystic cavities


1. Remove the black cap

2. Pull the piston back 0.5cm

3. Inject the bone graft putty into the defect site

4. Cover with a membrane


  1. Simple to Use: One syringe, one chamber, one
    action - for easy handling.
  2. Bone Regeneration: 4MATRIX+ promotes the ideal environment
    for bone growth, due to its physico-chemical structure. While the ßTCP resorbs quickly, the HA acts as a space maintainer for a longer duration.
  3. Stabilization: 4MATRIX+ is delivered as a sterile, ready-to-use putty, which requires no mixing, moistening or other preparation, and maintains its original graft shape and bone volume.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is 4MATRIX+ resorbable?
    Yes. The resorbability of the Hydroxyapatite (HA) is dependent on the process used during production. The process used for the 4MATRIX+ ensures complete resorption of the hydroxyapatite.

    What is the resorption rate for 4MATRIX+?
    The composition of 4MATRIX+ allows a balanced degradation; while ß- TCP (40%) resorbs fast, the HA (60%) granules act as a longer space maintainer. The average resorption rate is expected within 7 months (±2).

    What are the porosity properties of 4MATRIX+?
    4MATRIX+ has fully interconnected porosity with 3 different granule sizes ranging from 80 μm to 1mm. An interconnected network of macropores and micropores enables the colonization of bone cells and biological fluid, uniformly within the matrix.

    Is 4MATRIX+ bioactive?
    Yes. Bioactivity, by definition, is having an effect upon a living organism, tissue, or cell. 4MATRIX+ promotes the formation of new bone by releasing calcium and phosphate ions into the surrounding area. The tricalcium phosphate dissolution and bone cryistal precipitation create a newly bioactive interface with bone cells.

    Does 4MATRIX+ have a setting time?
    No. 4MATRIX+ is a putty-like bone substitute, not a cement. This non self-setting, moldable material adapts easily to the defect site and allows flexibility during its use.

    Can the 4MATRIX+ be used as a composite?
    Yes. Due to its properties, 4MATRIX+ may be used with autogenous bone graft.

    Should I take any precautions while using this material?
    In order to preserve the delicate structure of the material, do not press, jam or compact the putty. Fill the defect without any pressure; do not overfill. It is very important to leave space between the granules to allow for biological infiltration and cellular colonization.

    How should I use 4MATRIX+ the first time?
    Prior to first use, it is recommended to read the IFU, in order to achieve the desired outcome. The syringe is packed in a double pouch for maximum sterilization. Once the package is opened, remove the black cap of the syringe by twisting it and pulling it out. Pull the piston back approximately half a centimeter. Then push the piston gently, and eject smoothly into the defect. Since the 4MATRIX+ is in putty form, there is no need to hydrate the graft prior to use.

    Is it necessary to use a membrane?
    To avoid any possibility of leakage out of the cavity of implantation, bone flap or resorbable membrane can be associated. The defect must not be left open.