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Resorbable collagen membrane

BVital FORM is a strong yet flexible barrier material manufactured from purified porcine peritoneum tissue. It's incredibly easy to handle both dry and wet and can be cut to fit the surgical site exactly, making it ideal for most barrier membrane applications.

15 x 20 mm (BC-F1520)
20 x 30 mm (BC-F2030)

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Why BVital FORM?

Creates a cell barrier to prevent soft tissue ingrowth in the defect site

Contains and protects your bone graft material

Supports wound healing in guided tissue and bone regeneration procedures

Product Features


Resorbs in 3-4 months

High mechanical strength

Highly purified intact porcine peritoneum tissue

Easy handling and suturable

Single, uniform layer - easy to place correctly
Permeable to macromolecules and nutrients


Unique Benefits

Make Bvital FORM your membrane of choice and
realise the special benefits it brings:

  • Greater strength allowing repositioning once placed^
  • More stable resorption profile^
  • Lower level of inflammation compared to non-crosslinked collagen^


BVital Form

Indications - alone or in combination with other biomaterials

  1. Augmentation around implants placed in immediate extraction sockets or delayed extraction sockets
  2. Localised ridge augmentation procedures
  3. Filling of bone defects
  4. Alveolar ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment
  5. Guided bone regeneration in dehiscence defects and guided tissue regeneration procedures in periodontal defects
^ Li, S. T., Yuen, D., Martin, D., & Lee, N. S. (2015). A comparative study of a new porcine collagen membrane to Bio-Gide®. Science, Technology, Innovation, 1-5.