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Full arch treatment better and simpler than previously imaginable

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fam - Full Arch by MoreDent

fam is simple. fam is good. It’s the standard of care you’d give your own loved ones. We just make the treatment predictable and easy for you.

We start at the beginning with comprehensive records and planning. We work hand-in-hand to design and deliver a completely custom implant-supported prosthesis, tailored to your patient’s specific needs. Even after insertion we continue to fully support you and your patients. Doesn’t matter if you only want to do the planning, restoration, or the whole shebang. With fam you get a team behind you, ready to support you and collaborate.

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What are some of Australia’s leading specialists saying?

The quality of support I get from MoreDent is unparalleled in my 20+ years of practice. They’ve supercharged my workflow with digital scanning and virtual case planning with their team of expert engineers. My referrers are completely supported with guidance and instrumentation for prosthodontically optimised results.

The full arch workflow makes implant planning simple, convenient and precise. It takes all the guesswork out of anatomically limited sites and delivers pinpoint accuracy with the confidence and ease of the MIS fully guided protocol. My referrers love the results they’re achieving for our patients through the collaborative planning process that guarantees I put the implant exactly where they want it, every time.

Mr Stuart Newland

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
I have tried most of the technology out there and am confident in saying the MGUIDE® solution and the MoreDent team are the best in class for full arch implant planning and treatment. For complex cases I am able to work collaboratively with my referrers to plan the restorative outcome and develop the surgical plan accordingly. This is facilitated and assisted by the Moredent planning teams and aided by my local MoreDent representative.

Mr Andrew Cheng

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
The MoreDent team provide the gold-standard patient specific full arch implant solution in Australia today. The MIS “make it simple” philosophy pervades their digital workflow. The streamlined treatment planning works to balance the surgical and prosthetic needs of each clinical case to achieve the optimum long-term patient outcome. Whilst MoreDent is market leading in applying the latest technology with MSOFT, MGUIDE® and MLAB, the additional abundance of old school customer service from their responsive representatives on the ground and clinical support with other experienced implant clinicians via MCENTRE, is what really exceeds my expectation. This puts the MoreDent competitors in a race for a distant second with respect to end-to-end implant solutions, whether it’s single implant crowns or full arch rehabilitation.

Mr John Webster

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Want to start but not sure where?

You’re part of the family now so it’s all good. Fam is flexible and collaborative. We provide completely free digital case planning so there’s no downside to trying it out. Our experienced team can help you grade the difficulty of each case and manage your treatment plans accordingly.

We support case collaboration between clinicians and allow each person to stay involved throughout the process. Even if you don’t do the surgery or restore the implants you can be actively involved in your patient’s treatment with fam.