CS 9600 - Carestream Dental

CS 9600 CBCT Carestream

CS 9600 CBCT

The next generation of 3D 

With its new Scan Ceph module and other innovations, the world’s most intelligent CBCT system is now even smarter and more versatile than ever. The CS 9600 redefines quality and usability, making it the perfect imaging system for dental professionals and specialists who want a new level of precision.


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Is now the time to go digital?

Some perspectives and analysis from Dr Tiv

CS9600 – Leading the market

Advanced features make this the most useable unit for taking CT and panoramic images.



A complete range of panoramic programs cover all of your routine needs, including, but not limited to extraoral bitewing, extraoral FMS and low dose options.


A complete range of panoramic programs cover all of your routine needs, including, but not limited to extraoral bitewing, extraoral FMS and low dose options.


Plan implants with confidence using our advanced implant planning software with customizable virtual crowns and comprehensive implant library.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

With up to 14 fields of view, including full skull and TMJ imaging, the CS 9600 is ideal for maxillofacial surgery - including orthognathics.

Airway Analysis

Analyze the upper airway with automatic measurements and color-coded 3D views to easily visualize constrictions and changes in airway.

3D Facial Scanning

Capture the realistic 3D image of the patient’s face and combine it with the CBCT image.


Versatile and scalable

Multi-functional imaging systems blend 2D panoramic technology and CBCT imaging with 3D model scanning and 3D facial scanning to create one powerful unit.

AI-powered positioning

With innovations such as a Live Positioning Assistant, video cameras and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the CS 9600 is designed to deliver more accurate scans on the first try, with consistent results over time. The system records each patient’s parameters, making follow-up imaging repeatable with a single touch

Meets the needs of any specialty 

The CS 9600 offers up to 14 fields of view, ranging from 4cm x 4cm to 16 cm x 17cm, to support all of your diagnostic needs — from routine exams to specialized ones.

creating software

Our imaging software suite includes optional implant, orthodontic, restoration and airway analysis modules to help you take full advantage of the many capabilities of digital dentistry..

Razor-sharp panoramic images

Our new Tomosharp algorithm is combined with AI-based positioning to deliver ultra-sharp panoramic images in an instant.


CS MAR drastically reduces metal artifacts and even lets you explore images dynamically—with or without MAR filter—for more confident diagnoses.

The 120 kV high-power imaging chain1 helps reduce artifacts and improve contrasts while reducing effective dose for CBCT exams.

Capture realistic 3D facial photos with the optional CS Face Scan, and automatically superimpose the surface scan with CBCT images and 3D models.

Cephalometric images and tracings in just few seconds

The CS 9600’s optional Scan Ceph module gives you the ability to perform high-quality cephalometric exams in seconds. Scan images in as little as 3 seconds* to reduce the risk of motion blur and obtain fully automated tracings in 10 seconds.

Please note: The bullet ratings listed above are simply recommendations based on feedback from our thought leaders and users. One bullet indicates the unit meets requirements for the application; three bullets indicate it is the best choice.

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