CS 7600 - Carestream Dental


CS 7600 - 4 Operatories

Scan and go technology

With its fully automated and secured x-ray workflow, the CS 7600 provides the essential elements you need to generate outstanding images. Featuring Scan & Go technology, the unit is designed for shared use, so it’s always available when you need it—making it perfect for multi-user practices. And, since the CS 7600’s plates are as easy to use as film, the system integrates easily into any practice.  


With its fully automated and secured x-ray workflow, the CS 7600 provides the essential elements you need to generate outstanding images.


Superior Workflow

Featuring Scan & Go technology, the CS 7600 offers a fully automated and secured workflow that’s designed for shared use and already ready.

  • No need to reserve the system when scanning a plate
  • Unit identifies plates prior to exams and automatically routes images to the proper computer and patient file
  • Scan plates in any order with minimal user intervention and no risk of plate mix-ups

Unparalleled Usability

The CS 7600 is designed to reduce errors and help you work more efficiently than ever.

  • Unit automatically detects if a plate is inserted upside down—without erasing the image
  • Templates automate routine FMS examinations to reduce user intervention and contamination risk
  • Built-in color monitor provides clear instructions and messages, delivering instant feedback on the success of each exam

      Film-Like Workflow

      The CS 7600 requires minimal training and its film-like workflow puts all the features of digital technology right at your fingertips.

      • Plates available in the same sizes as film (0 to 4)
      • Thin, cable-free plates promote patient comfort and are as easy to position as film
      • Integrates with your current digital sensors for maximum benefits

      Versatile and Compact Design

      Because the CS 7600 can be used chairside or shared between multiple examination rooms, the system is a versatile and cost-effective solution for multi-user practices.

      • Small footprint fits practically anywhere
      • Ethernet connectivity allows unit to be easily shared across the network
      • No dedicated computer required for sharing

          Powerful Imaging Software

          With its powerful image processing tools and user-friendly interface, Carestream Dental’s imaging software makes image review quick and easy.

          • Use alone or integrate with practice management software
          • Easily adjust contrast and other settings to obtain the perfect image
          • Simplifies the sharing process

          A Cost-Effective Solution

          With its many benefits, the CS 7600 truly is a practical solution for any practice.

          • Scanner can be shared between multiple operatories
          • Easy to install and use
          • Durable, scratch-resistant plates can be reused hundreds of times
          • Eliminates film and processing expenses

              Outstanding Quality and Speed

              The CS 7600 delivers high-quality intraoral images quickly and easily.

              • Access first image in as little as five seconds
              • Scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just a few minutes
              • New processing ensures optimal contrast, sharpness, and low noise images
              • Plates’ wide exposure range helps prevent over- or under- exposure

              Built-in Memory


              • With the unit’s built-in memory, there’s virtually no risk of image loss.
              • Continue scanning even when computer is turned off or network fails
              • Improve efficiency and user experience


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