Free Planning with MoreDent

Free Planning with MoreDent


Make use of our local multi-disciplinary capabilities and take part in this boom.

OFFER 1: Arrange your free MGUIDE Kit (RRP $8900) Package*

Our free MGUIDE setup packages which include a free MGUIDE kit (RRP $8,900), clinical support, technical support and marketing support from our team of over 50 local experts can be tailored to your requirements.

Setup packages are entitled to 6 month interest free, no repayment terms, funded by MoreDent subject to meeting eligibility criteria and provision of direct debit authorisation. The packages start from as little as the purchase of 20 MGUIDEs, implants and final crowns.

The concept is that with our support, the package will be paid off prior to the 6 month no repayment period. To take advantage of this unique offer, get in touch with our office or your local MoreDent Solution Specialist.

OFFER 2: Work up a case with you at no cost*

OFFER 3: Loan you a guided surgical kit free of charge*


Now is the ideal time to implement this workflow with our support as our industry like many others experiences rapid change. We invite all our colleagues in Victoria to draw upon our team during the current period of restrictions. Our entire support and clinical teams are working remotely to help you plan for making the most of pent up demand when things reopen.  

Our proven track record of thousands of thriving local implant practices is built on our teams of Dentists, Specialists, Engineers, Technicians, Patient Marketeers and Support teams all working with you to build your practice and offer exceptional implant treatment to your patients.

*Terms and conditions apply:
1One free planning session available per clinician and does not include MGUIDE template design and production.
2Free loan kit provided should you proceed with MGUIDE template production and implant surgery with MoreDent.