Conical Healing Cap - WP

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The MIS healing cap ensures proper protection of the area before the insertion of a permanent prosthesis by a dental surgeon.

Product Code Dimensions Gingival height
CW-HS355 Ø 5.5mm 3mm
CW-HS455 Ø 5.5mm 4mm
CW-HS555 Ø 5.5mm 5mm
CW-HS655 Ø 5.5mm 6mm
CW-HA263 Ø 6.3mm (Anatomic) 2mm
CW-HA363 Ø 6.3mm (Anatomic) 3mm
CW-HA563 Ø 6.3mm (Anatomic) 5mm

Material: Titanium