Bone Compression Kit

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Bone Compression Kit enhances primary stability in type 3 and type 4 bone. The gradual condensation process applied on the osteotomy walls prior to implant placement, results in increased bone density around the implant and thus, great primary stability. In addition, the unique design of the compression screws allows for closed sinus augmentation procedures. The screws engage bone, applying an upwards vertical force to elevate the sinus floor, facilitating delivery of augmentation materials to the site.

The Bone Compression Kit includes the following tools:

  • MO-CO160             Convex compress screw Ø1.80-2.90mm
  • MO-CO200             Convex compress screw Ø2.30-3.30mm
  • MO-CO240             Convex compress screw Ø2.70-3.70mm
  • MO-CO280             Convex compress screw Ø3.10-4.50mm
  • MO-SO300             Concave sinus screw Ø3.00mm
  • MO-SO350             Concave sinus screw Ø3.50mm
  • MO-SO400             Concave sinus screw Ø4.00mm
  • MT-SMD10             Spade marking drill
  • MT-HSI10              Short insertion tool
  • MT-HLI10              Long insertion tool
  • MT-LRH20             Long insertion tool
  • MT-SRH20             Short insertion tool
  • MT-RI030              Monoblock ratchet