Internal Hex CPK (Complete Prosthetic Kit)

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The Complete Prosthetic Kit (CPK), a comprehensive set designed for the full restoration of parallel inserted implants. The CPK features ready-made components for an easy impression and transfer, and provides a wide variety of esthetic options for the restorative process.

Cat. No. Platforms Dims. (mm) Description
MK-NPC62 NP Ø4, H=2, C=6 Concave
MK-CPC62 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=6
MK-WPC62 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=6
MK-NPC63 NP Ø4, H=2, C=6
MK-CPC63 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=6
MK-WPC63 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=6
MK-NPC64 NP Ø4, H=2, C=6
MK-CPC64 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=6
MK-WPC64 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=6
Cat. No. Platforms Dimensions (mm)
MK-NPK41 NP Ø4, H=1, C=4
MK-CPK41 SP Ø4.8, H=1, C=4
MK-WPK41 WP Ø5.5, H=1, C=4
MK-NPK42 NP Ø4, H=2, C=4
MK-CPK42 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=4
MK-WPK42 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=4
MK-NPK43 NP Ø4, H=3, C=4
MK-CPK43 SP Ø4.8, H=3, C=4
MK-WPK43 WP Ø5.5, H=3, C=4
MK-NPK44 NP Ø4, H=4, C=4
MK-CPK44 SP Ø4.8, H=4, C=4
MK-WPK44 WP Ø5.5, H=4, C=4
MK-NPK61 NP Ø4, H=1, C=6
MK-CPK61 SP Ø4.8, H=1, C=6
MK-WPK61 WP Ø5.5, H=1, C=6
MK-NPK62 NP Ø4, H=2, C=6
MK-CPK62 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=6
MK-WPK62 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=6
MK-NPK63 NP Ø4, H=3, C=6
MK-CPK63 SP Ø4.8, H=3, C=6
MK-WPK63 WP Ø5.5, H=3, C=6
MK-NPK64 NP Ø4, H=4, C=6
MK-CPK64 SP Ø4.8, H=4, C=6
MK-WPK64 WP Ø5.5, H=4, C=6
MK-CPK81 SP Ø4.8, H=1, C=8
MK-WPK81 WP Ø5.5, H=1, C=8
MK-CPK82 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=8
MK-WPK82 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=8
MK-CPK83 SP Ø4.8, H=3, C=8
MK-WPK83 WP Ø5.5, H=3, C=8
MK-CPK84 SP Ø4.8, H=4, C=8
MK-WPK84 WP Ø5.5, H=4, C=8

Material: Titanium