LOCKiT Abutment Kit - Internal Hex

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MIS released its new LOCKiT advanced anchoring system for implant-supported overdentures. With life-expectancy on the rise, and an ever-growing aging population effected by edentulism, there is a significant need for simple and affordable long-term solutions. The system was designed to answer these needs, while maintaining an uncompromising level of quality and patient comfort.

The LOCKiT system was designed with customizable levels of retention, and features a concave emergence profile, anodized color-coding for easy identification during workflow and is available for MIS internal hex. and conical connections, in all platforms; narrow, standard and wide. The component is coated with anti-wear material and is strengthened above the threads, which enables maximum durability. The plastic caps exhibit excellent resistance to abrasion over time and have a predictable and consistent retention level.

Cat. No. Platform Dims. (mm)
MK-NLC1 NP Ø3.75, H=1
MK-SLC1 SP Ø3.75, H=1
MK-WLC1 WP Ø4.5, H=1
MK-NLC2 NP Ø3.75, H=2
MK-SLC2 SP Ø3.75, H=2
MK-NLC3 NP Ø3.75, H=3
MK-SLC3 SP Ø3.75, H=3
MK-WLC3 WP Ø4.5, H=3
MK-NLC4 NP Ø3.75, H=4
MK-SLC4 SP Ø3.75, H=4
MK-NLC5 NP Ø3.75, H=5
MK-SLC5 SP Ø3.75, H=5
MK-WLC5 WP Ø4.5, H=5

Material: Titanium