LOCKiT Retention Caps

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LOCKiT Retention Caps


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Cat. No. Dimensions (mm) Description Material
MM-CLE10 Ø4.75, H=1.78 LOCKiT male retention cap clear (4 pack) Nylon
MM-PIN10 Ø4.72, H=1.78 LOCKiT light retention male cap pink (4 pack) Nylon pink
MM-BLU10 Ø4.72, H=1.78 LOCKiT extra light male retention cap blue (4 pack) Nylon blue
MM-GRE10 Ø4.75, H=1.78 LOCKiT extended range male retention cap green (4 pack) Nylon green
MM-RED10 Ø4.72, L=1.78 LOCKiT extra light extended range male retention cap red (4 pack) Nylon red
MM-BLA10 Ø4.75, H=1.9 LOCKiT male processing cap black (4 pack) Polyethylene black