MGUIDE Surgical Set - Conical

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The MGUIDE set for C1 implant is designed for use with the MGuide More surgical guides. The computer based planning procedure enhances accuracy and safety for a smoother implant placement procedure. The drills are designed with built-in stoppers to allow correct preparation to the planned depth and position. The ergonomic drill layout provides an easy to follow preparatory guideline for either hard or soft bone conditions.

The MGuide kit for C1 implants includes the following tools:

  • MG-TP055              MGuide tissue punch
  • MG-BM047             MGuide bone mill 4.7mm
  • MG-BM055             MGuide bone mill 5.5mm
  • MG-D0624              MGuide pilot drill for 6mm length implant
  • MG-D0824              MGuide pilot drill for 8mm length implant
  • MG-D1024              MGuide pilot drill for 10mm length implant
  • MG-D1124              MGuide pilot drill for 11mm length implant
  • MG-D1324              MGuide pilot drill for 13mm length implant
  • CG-D0833              MGuide drill for Ø3.30mm 8mm length implant
  • CG-D1033              MGuide drill for Ø3.30mm 10mm length implant
  • CG-D1133              MGuide drill for Ø3.30mm 11mm length implant
  • CG-D1333              MGuide drill for Ø3.30mm 13mm length implant
  • CG-D0839              MGuide drill for Ø3.75-3.90mm 8mm length implant
  • CG-D1039              MGuide drill for Ø3.75-3.90mm 10mm length implant
  • CG-D1139              MGuide drill for Ø3.75-3.90mm 11mm length implant
  • CG-D1339              MGuide drill for Ø3.75-3.90mm 13mm length implant
  • CG-D0843              MGuide drill for Ø4.20-4.30mm 8mm length implant
  • CG-D1043              MGuide drill for Ø4.20-4.30mm 10mm length implant
  • CG-D1143              MGuide drill for Ø4.20-4.30mm 11mm length implant
  • CG-D1343              MGuide drill for Ø4.20-4.30mm 13mm length implant
  • CG-D0850              MGuide drill for Ø5.00mm 8mm length implant
  • CG-D1050              MGuide drill for Ø5.00mm 10mm length implant
  • CG-D1150              MGuide drill for Ø5.00mm 11mm length implant
  • CG-D1350              MGuide drill for Ø5.00mm 13mm length implant
  • MG-DLG55             MGuide drill length guage
  • CG-GRN01             MGuide C1 direct ratchet insertion tool
  • CG-GMN10             MGuide C1 motor insertion tool
  • CG-GRN10             MGuide C1 ratchet insertion tool
  • VG-GRN01             MGuide V3 direct ratchet insertion tool
  • VG-GMN10             MGuide V3 motor insertion tool
  • VG-GRN10             MGuide V3ratchet insertion tool
  • CG-GRS01              MGuide V3/C1 direct ratchet insertion tool
  • CG-GMS10             MGuide V3/C1 motor insertion tool
  • CG-GRS10              MGuide C1 ratchet insertion tool
  • VG-GRS10              MGuide V3 ratchet insertion tool
  • CG-GRW01             MGuide C1 direct ratchet insertion tool
  • CG-GMW10            MGuide C1 motor insertion tool
  • CG-GRW10             MGuide C1 ratchet insertion tool
  • MG-DFP20              MGuide drill for fixation pin
  • MG-TAS55              MGuide template anchoring screw
  • CG-TAS55              MGuide template anchoring screw
  • MG-FP020              MGuide fixation pin
  • MT-RDL30              Long driver for 0.05 inch hex.
  • MT-RI030               Monoblock ratchet