Direct Temporary Cylinder - Internal Hex

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Direct Temporary Cylinder - Internal Hex


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Cat. No. Platforms Dims. (mm) Description Material
MN-TC023 NP Ø4, H=2, C=10 Free rotation (concave) Titanium
MD-TC023 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=10
MW-TC023 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=10
MN-TC033 NP Ø4, H=3, C=10 Free rotation (concave) Titanium
MD-TC033 SP Ø4.8, H=3, C=10
MW-TC033 WP Ø5.5, H=3, C=10
MN-TCH23 NP Ø4, H=2, C=10 Anti-rotation (concave) Titanium
MD-TCH23 SP Ø4.8, H=2, C=10
MW-TCH23 WP Ø5.5, H=2, C=10
MN-TCH33 NP Ø4, H=3, C=10 Anti-rotation (concave) Titanium
MD-TCH33 SP Ø4.8, H=3, C=10
MW-TCH33 WP Ø5.5, H=3, C=10
MN-TC013 NP Ø4, H=1, C=10 Free rotation Titanium
MD-TC013 SP Ø4.8, H=1, C=10
MW-TC013 WP Ø5.5, H=1, C=10
MN-TCH13 NP Ø4, H=1, C=10 Anti-rotation Titanium
MD-TCH13 SP Ø4.8, H=1, C=10
MW-TCH13 WP Ø5.5, H=1, C=10