Abrahami Drill Guide Kit

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The Abrahami Drill Guide Kit was designed to enable the dental surgeon to accurately locate and drill the osteotomies of two or more consevutive implants with optimal spacing, angulation and parrallelism. In standard cases, the Abrahami Kit may be used as a simple alternative to a surgical guide. Although designed as a surgical tool, the Abrahami Drill Guide Kit can alse be used as a planning tool.

The Abrahami Drill Guide Kit includes the following tools:

  • Short location pin Ø2mm
  • Long location pin Ø2mm
  • Short location pin Ø2.80mm
  • Long location pin Ø2.80mm
  • Extension arm for 6, 7, 8mm
  • Extension arm for 9, 10, 11mm
  • Extension arm for 12, 13, 14mm
  • Paralleling pin 20mm