Shofu Block HC (5 block Pack)

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Ceramic-based CAD/CAM material for durable, metal-free restorations

Shofu Block HC can be used for almost all single-tooth indications for CAD/CAM technology and machined wet or dry in all standard milling units. This high-performance restorative material features exceptional long-term stability and flexural strength, plus lifelike light diffusion. It comes with three different holding pins (Universal, Cerec and Ceramill), in various shades (high- and low-translucency) and as one and two-layer milling blocks. The two additional enamel shades are particularly suitable for aesthetic inlays, onlays and veneers.

For milling with the aid of open CAM systems, SHOFU Disk HC circular blocks, 98.5 mm in diameter, are also available.

Our versatile and stress-absorbing hybrid material can be easily and accurately milled and quickly polished to a high gloss.